Who We Are


We are a team of qualified professionals who have a range of experience in assisting persons by way of resilience development and life coaching.

We are a subsidiary of the Brown Horse Academy (ww.brownhorseacademy.co.uk) which assists persons with a range of personality or health problems mostly by way of equine therapy. However, there is a growing group of clients who require assistance in managing resilience in their lives as listed on page 1 and as the Academy has been offering its services for over 6 years it has now decided to have a sub division to assist those persons who would benefit from the management of resilience, hence the formation of the Cornwall Resilient Pathways CIC company which started last year. Being a Community Interest Company our objects are to assist the community by way of a non profit organisation.

The Cornwall Resilient Pathways CIC is a totally autonomous company having its own services and management team and assists a whole range of clients with different needs to those being assisted by the Brown Horse Academy. A cross referral of clients is possible, if needed, between the two organisations.