Who Do We Help


We specialise in offering resilience building and personal development to individuals , usually, young but not necessarily young, persons of all ages. We assist them to resolve any personal problems they may have and thereby we are assisting them to find new pathways to their future lives by way of life coaching to overcome their problems.

We also assist three specific groups having needs of resilient management these being:

A. Young unqualified persons who are seeking employment:

Many employers only recruit persons with formal academic qualifications or experience and the door is closed to those who do not have these qualifications.

The Cornwall Resilient Pathways CIC assists these persons to obtain employment even though they have no formal qualifications or experience.

We assist these persons to choose which type of employment they are seeking and we train them how to search for new pathways to their future employment.

B. Ex prisoners recently released from prison and also recovering addicts.

We are working with the Ministry of Justice and the Probation Service to assist in reducing the very high re-offending rate which is around 60%.

We assist these persons to re-establish their lives in their new environment and we offer life coaching and assistance in obtaining employment or starting their own business. Hence we will be assisting them to search for new pathways to assist their future return into society.

We have worked with the Youth Offending Team by way of the Appropriate Adult appointment of our Co-Director and we can assist young persons to obtain employment thereby encouraging them not to offend or re-offend.

c. Agricultural workers eg farmers.

Due to the current pressures imposed on the farming community causing stress, depression and in some cases suicide we attempt to assist in the management of these resilient pressures. Individuals experience stress when faced with demands that require them to change in some manner this, in the farming community, being due to weather affecting crops, pricing of raw materials and selling prices to customers and at times being a very lonely occupation which probably is a major factor.

We offer all our clients the following assistance to move them forward along their future pathways:

  • Life Coaching
  • Business mentoring
  • Interview coaching
  • Apprenticeship and job seeking applications
  • Personal confidence and development
  • Social skills