What We Offer


Positive thinking:

Our training encourages people to help themselves and to think positively about themselves and their situations. It also helps people recognise their strengths, feel good and notice the things that are going well in their lives.

Control of emotions:

People gain an understanding of their feelings and how to effectively manage and express a range of feelings in a healthy and positive way.

Positive Impulse control:

People can sometimes find it hard to understand or control their reactions to situations which can often be unhelpful and impulsive. Our training encourages people to pause, think and act differently (positively) to these same situations.

Mentoring others in resilience:

We know that when people feel supported and confident in themselves, they like to make a difference to help other people. It has been evidenced that if people are connected to both school and peers in equal measure it helps protect against mental health problems developing.

Self confidence:

We provide techniques that help people develop as individuals, grow in confidence and nurtures essential skills, tools and knowledge for life and its potential problems.

Thinking skills:

We encourage our clients to learn several different thinking skills that they can use to manage situations, challenges negative and unhelpful thinking, and better understand themselves and others. We support them to use these thinking skills to become self-aware and have self-belief in their abilities.