Self Isolating gives us many opportunities to consider one’s future and to follow many ideas and plans which, hitherto, we have not had to time to consider.

Our team can assist you if you are emotionally affected or any other reasons due to self isolation. We will chat over the telephone and send you e\mail to talk through how we can assist you manage this unfortunate experience in which we are all involved.

So ,now, is the time to decide what you want for you and the family. You may want to obtain new qualifications and experience to apply for a job or start your own business of which there will be many opportunities when and we will return to normal.

Hopefully, there will never be another similar time when the World comes to a grinding halt and thereby giving you the opportunity to assess your future so you must take the advantage and benefits of self isolating.

If you or anyone you know have a small business which has now ceased trading due to the COVID-19 virus then this is a good opportunity to reassess your business to establish how it can be modified or improved in readiness for starting to trade again. Some entrepreneurs will give up and decide not to continue but the real genuine entrepreneurs do not give up as they see that every crisis creates an opportunity and we can assist you to plan forward.

Assistance can be offered by way of discussing your options and this will be by telephone and e\mail. As a Community Interest Company (CIC)   being a charitable organisation, it does not charge any fees and our team are all unpaid volunteer counsellors and life coaches.

We do not receive any grants and expenses are funded by the volunteers. We have been appointed as a member of the Social Prescribing Network assisting clinics and surgeries in Cornwall.

For further details please contact: Peter de Snoo. 01872862 832